Current Events


French Fair Palo Alto

Past Events


French Fair                                                                                                                 March


Louisiana Café                                                                                                Jan. - present

Rutherford Ranch Winery                                                                                June

Café Zoê                                                                                                         November

Mikes Café                                                                                                     Nov  – Dec.


Louisiana Café                                                                                                Sept. - Dec.

UArt Open, San Jose                                                                                        July – Aug.


Fur, Feathers and Fins                                                                                      October



Portfolio Sale, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto                                                          December

Fall Fest Juried Art Show, Community Art Center, Cupertino                                 September

Midsummer Art Celebration, Triton Museum, Santa Clara                                     June

Through my art, Main street Café, Los Altos                                                        February

24th League for Innovation's National Student Art Competition          2009-10


Fall Fest Juried Show, Community Hall, Cupertino                                                 September

Auction Show, benefit of the West Valley Community Services                              September

Figure and Faces, PAL                                                                                       September

Painting published in Red Wheelbarrow Magazine, Cupertino                                 June

De Anza Euphrat Museum, Cupertino                                                                 May - June

Open Juried Show, Los Gatos Museum, Los Gatos                                                April – May


Got Art Gallery, Los Gatos                                                                                Sept. – Nov.

Open Juried Show, Los Gatos Museum, Los Gatos                                                April – May


Solo Gallery, Los Gatos                                                                                     September

Center for the Art, Sebastopol                                                                           September

Aurora Colors Gallery, Petaluma                                                                        Aug - Sept.

Boulder Creek Antiques and Art, Boulder Creek                                                    January

Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara                                                                    June

Silicon Valley Open Studio, Cupertino                                                                  May


Los Altos Art and craft fair, Los Altos                                                                November

Jubilee Art Show, FALC, Cupertino                                                                      September

Art Mask Auction to Martinsville P.R.I.D.E., Martinsville                                          August

Silicon Valley Open Studio, Cupertino                                                                  May

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